The Heritage Life Plan consists of our estate planning process plus our proprietary maintenance program designed to provide our trust clients with the comfort and assurance of knowing that as changes occur in their lives and tax laws change, their estate plans will continue to meet their goals. One benefit of our maintenance program is DocuBank.

DocuBank provides easy and secure access 24/7/365 to your medical and legal documents that may be needed during an emergency. By storing these critical documents with DocuBank, our clients, their health care teams, and their families will have immediate access to lifesaving information in the event of an emergency.

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Immediate Access to Your Health Care Directives

With the DocuBank Card, doctors and your loved ones have immediate access to your health care directives and emergency medical information (e.g., your medical conditions, allergies, medication list, emergency contact, physician contact) – anywhere, anytime. Lack of availability of your health care directives can be an especially big problem in the ER, where it’s extremely important that your doctors and loved ones have instant access to these documents and therefore to your wishes. One study in an emergency department showed that the ER could only find a patient’s advance care planning documents (i.e., living will, health care proxy, HIPPA release, do not resuscitate order) in their electronic records for only 13% of patients who had completed them.
  • Without access to these documents, if you’re unable to communicate, your health care proxy will be denied the decision-making power you wanted them to have on your behalf and the doctors can choose not to communicate with your loved ones about your medical condition.
  • Without access to a list of your current medical conditions, medications, and allergies, your care may also be delayed or even compromised.

Carry the DocuBank Card in your wallet and make sure your family and helpers know about the DocuBank Card so they can direct providers to use it in the event you’re unable to communicate.


DocuBank SAFE

This feature lets you store important papers and easily access them via the internet like your estate planning documents (i.e., will, trust, power of attorney), financial documents, insurance policies, deeds / real estate documents, and personal documents.

You can also give specific loved ones access to certain documents in your DocuBank SAFE. So, if something does happen to you, they can easily find the documents you’ve given them access to. Please note: If you only store your health care directives in your DocuBank SAFE, they won’t be available to health care staff who use your wallet card.

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If you have any questions about health care directives, please contact us. If you have questions about DocuBank, email or call DocuBank toll free at 866-362-8226.