The Heritage Life Plan

Maintenance Program for Our Trust Clients –
FREE for the First Year

The Heritage Life Plan consists of our estate planning process plus our proprietary maintenance program designed to provide our trust clients with the comfort and assurance of knowing that even as changes occur in their lives (e.g., marriages and births, the purchase of new assets) and tax laws change, their estate plans will continue to meet their goals, and that in an emergency, their medical team will have easy access to their essential health care documents. Benefits include:

  • Free updates to agents and fiduciaries named on your estate planning documents
    Each year we’ll send you a list of the fiduciaries and agents you have named on your documents (i.e., trustees, executors, attorneys-in-fact on your power of attorney, health care agents on your health care proxy). If you want any of the fiduciaries or agents changed, let us know and we’ll update that information on your documents for free.
  • Funding coordination and review of titling of assets for your trust
    Your assets need to be in your trust for your trust to protect them. We’ll review your Asset Summary Worksheet with you and provide clear options for ensuring your trust funding is completed and any new assets are titled properly.
  • Free estate plan reviews
    Changes in your life can affect your estate plan. Whether there are  family changes like births and marriages, fluctuations in the value of your assets, or updates in tax law that can affect your estate plan, it’s important to review your estate plan to ensure it will meet your wishes. Call us when you’d like to set up this appointment.
  • Secure access to health care and estate planning documents 24/7
    Enjoy free enrollment in DocuBank, our digital estate planning vault. With the DocuBank Card, you’ll have immediate access to your health care documents and information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In an emergency, your health care team can call the number on the card or go online to get access to your living will, health care proxy, and HIPPA release as well as your emergency contacts, current medical conditions, medications, and allergies. DocuBank also gives you storage for your estate planning documents and any other documents you choose, but only you and loved ones you designate can access them.
  • Free updated durable power of attorney each year
    We’ll send you an updated durable power of attorney (DPOA) for you to execute at your convenience. Updating your DPOA is important since financial organizations are getting stricter and requiring more recent DPOAs due to fear of fraud and potential litigation.
  • Free training workshop for successor trustees (1x a year)
    This online educational workshop explains the duties and powers of a trustee in regard to the trust administration process.
  • The value of our entire estate planning team is available to you
    Our team is available at your request to help you with questions, coordinate with your advisors, and connect you to our financial advisor partners.
  • Available to your loved ones to provide direction
    Upon client disability or death, our attorney will meet with your spouse or successor trustee for free to discuss your current estate plan and next steps.
  • Over 50% off young adult estate planning
    At the age of 18, your child is legally considered an adult. What if your child suddenly becomes unable to make a legal, financial or health decision — and you’re powerless to step in? Includes a durable power of attorney, health care proxy, and HIPAA release.

We’re Your Partners for Life

At The Heritage Law Center, we don’t see estate planning as a one-time legal transaction. Our goal is to maintain a lifelong relationship with you. We’re here for you every step of the way, and our Heritage Life Plan’s maintenance program offers free and discounted services meant to continue to build our relationship with you.

If you have any questions about the Heritage Life Plan, please contact us today.