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Recap: Seminar for Senior Citizens (and the people who love them) at the Hamilton Council on Aging

POSTED ON: November 18, 2015

A chilly rain did not deter attendees on Thursday, November 12, from attending attorney Matthew Karr’s seminar for senior citizens and the people who love them. During this free event held at the Hamilton Council on Aging at 299 Bay Road, Mr. Karr described what happens when families don’t plan for the worst, with the goal of empowering seniors to take charge and ensure that their goals and decisions are respected and their assets protected.

Specifically, Karr spoke to how to ensure that decisions regarding health care and finances are documented and respected. He also addressed how to avoid nursing home placement as long as possible by utilizing community resources. Finally, he spoke about how to make sure that your assets are protected and available to your family, about how you can keep the court system out of your decision-making and your wallet, and about how to qualify for long-term care benefits.

At the end of his talk, Karr took questions from the lively audience regarding their own planning decisions. As the evening wrapped up, the attendees agreed that the talk had been informative and given them a lot to consider.

No stranger to the Hamilton COA, Karr has offered pro bono consultations with seniors there once a month for the past two years. A key part of the mission of Karr’s firm, The Heritage Law Center, is providing compassionate care and straight-forward solutions to client’s concerns. Karr and his team believe that each engagement is an opportunity to develop lifelong relationships with their clients. Most importantly, he wants to help people make the decisions that will help them continue to live the best life possible. Karr said, “Planning is crucial in this area of the law. So I want families to act now and be informed so that they might have a better tomorrow.”

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