Important COVID-19 Update: We offer free consultations via phone, video, or in-person. Here’s information about our process during this time.

Our Estate Planning Process


The Heritage Life Plan is our estate planning process plus our maintenance program, which are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We don’t just create cookie-cutter documents for you and say goodbye. We meet with you and listen to you while you tell us about your specific situation and needs. We create your plan to meet your objectives. Then we help you maintain your plan for years to come so it will accomplish what you want it to when you need it.

Step 1: Free, Initial Consultation (in-person, by video, or by phone; one hour)

You’ll complete an Estate Planning Worksheet prior to your consultation. You’ll meet with Matthew Karr, Esq., to discuss your estate planning needs and options.

Two people talking

Step 2: Signing Engagement Letter & Payment

We’ll ask you to sign an engagement letter and we’ll request an initial retainer payment of 50% of the total fee, which can be paid by credit card or check.


Step 3: Plan Design and Review

We’ll design your plan based on your objectives. We’ll send you a draft copy of your documents and review them with you either via Zoom or in person to make sure they meet your expectations.

Zoom review

Step 4: Plan Execution

You’ll sign your documents at an in-person signing meeting. Witnesses will sign the documents as well and the papers will be notarized. The remaining 50% of the flat fee will be due on this day (by either credit card or check) as well as any Registry of Deeds recording fees (for putting real estate into a trust).

Document signing

Step 5: Delivery and Funding Meeting

All final, signed estate planning documents are delivered in a client portfolio. At your option, you’ll meet with our partner financial team who can assist you in continuing to fund your trust with your assets. Alternatively, we’ll work with your chosen advisor or give you specific guidance.


Step 6: Plan Maintenance and Client Care

We believe in building lifelong relationships with every client, so as your life changes (e.g., marriage, divorce, birth, death) and estate laws change, we’ll be there to help ensure that your estate plan meets your needs.

Customer Support

You can find all the details of our estate planning process here.

Thank you for involving us in this important part of your lives. We look forward to working with you to create an estate plan that meets your goals and protects you, your family, and your assets for life.