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Winchester Elder Law Attorney

Elder law attorneys are licensed professionals who provide legal counsel for the unique needs of older adults. This has become a specialty in law as the average lifespan of our population has increased year after year. Seniors have different legal needs than younger adults, and they can benefit from well-informed guidance to prepare for and resolve these issues.

Our lawyer, Matthew Karr, Esq., and the team behind him are knowledgeable, compassionate, and prepared to help seniors and their families face the challenges that may arise. We help older adults with estate planning, long-term care planning, and asset protection, planning for future health care needs, and more.

If you or a loved one is facing a legal matter in this field and need to reach out for help to an elder law attorney serving Winchester, contact The Heritage Law Center. We’re well-versed in Massachusetts elder laws and can provide you with comprehensive planning for your elder law needs. 

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Serving Winchester Help?

As we age, our priorities and needs change. Older adults often need help with preserving assets, MassHealth planning, applying for MassHealth, creating advance directives for health care and finances, and home care and long-term care planning. Each of these efforts comes with its own regulations and laws around them. 

Hiring an elder law attorney serving the Winchester area guarantees that you’re in compliance with documents that need to be completed for your future.

Estate Planning 

Estate planning is more than just creating a will. It helps you protect your assets, plan for incapacity, and be in control of what happens to your assets after you’re gone. It’s an emotional and overwhelming reality to think about your death or incapacity, but planning ahead does lead to peace of mind since you’ll be protecting yourself and your family.

Qualifying for MassHealth

MassHealth (Medicaid), is a federal and state income-based program and may require a reduction of assets, depending on your amount of assets, and does involve extensive documentation. 

Knowing whether you qualify for MassHealth can be tricky, and you may have questions about the documentation you’re required to provide. Additionally, you’ll need to keep in mind the five-year look-back period, meaning that the government agency can look back up to five years to review your financial record. That makes qualifying tricky. 

A lawyer like Matthew Karr, Esq. can also guide you through worries about getting the coverage you need and help you avoid major pitfalls that could impact your coverage. 

It can be difficult for Winchester residents to seek this coverage without guidance. Talk to an elder law professional serving Winchester for help with completing the right paperwork, understanding your assets and the limits set by MassHealth, and following the laws associated with MassHealth coverage. You can even start with our free report on MassHealth planning and asset protection.

Necessary Documents for Senior Winchester Residents

Preparing your estate and ensuring you’re taken care of requires many legal documents. These protect you, your rights, and your assets, but they can also be complex and confusing. 

Our lawyer is here to help you manage your estate and ensure all the right documents are completed. Below is just a sample of the documentation we can help you complete: 

  • Preparing a will, including beneficiary designations and guardians for minors 
  • Establishing a durable power of attorney for finances
  • Creating a healthcare proxy
  • Creating trusts to protect assets and serve specific cases like pet trusts 
  • Arranging a guardianship for a loved one

Having an experienced elder law attorney on your side makes attaining these documents easier for you, and you can be confident in the choices you make for your future. 

Contact an Elder Law Attorney Serving Winchester

Connecting with an elder law attorney serving Winchester means you don’t need to spend time worrying that you have your affairs in order and are prepared for the future. Working with legal advocates focusing on elder law can ease some of the burden on your family in the event of illness or disability. 

Our legal team at The Heritage Law Center understands these are often difficult conversations to have and we’re here to offer both our knowledge of Massachusetts law, and our compassion. For a consultation, call to speak with us today at 617-299-6976 or complete the online form below to learn more about our services.