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Winchester Probate Lawyer

When a loved one who has a will passes away, the assets they leave behind will need to be distributed to their loved ones following the instructions in their will. If there’s no estate planning, their assets will be distributed according to state law. Estates that have a will or no estate planning at all, go through probate court.

Probate can be complex, and juggling the distress of death in the family and the legal steps you need to take can feel overwhelming. We’re here to make that process easier. 

Matthew Karr, Esq., at The Heritage Law Center understands that planning and dealing with end-of-life issues is a sensitive and emotional time in one’s life. As an experienced probate lawyer serving the Winchester area, he’s ready to guide you through this difficult process so that you and your family can focus on your grief and your recovery during this stressful time.  

Probate and Estate Planning for Winchester Residents

Probate validates your will, simply put. The goal of probate court is to prevent fraud. A personal representative is designated in a will, and that’s the person responsible for managing the probate process. During the proceeding, the value of the deceased’s assets is determined and creditors have a chance to seek the funds they’re due. After probate, the estate’s remaining assets will be distributed according to the will. 

If this sounds like a long, complex process, that’s because it is. Sometimes, it can take a year or more to complete. It also costs money with executor’s fees, attorney’s fees, accounting fees, court fees, appraisal costs, and surety bonds. You might be wondering if a good estate plan can avoid probate. Yes, it can by creating trusts. Acting now to develop a smart estate plan can make it easier for your family in the future. 

But what if your loved one has passed away, and you’re the personal representative? When you’re grieving and struggling with a death in the family, it can be difficult to focus on your legal responsibilities. Your probate lawyer serving the Winchester area is there to lessen the burden on you.

What Happens When No Will Is in Place?

Planning for the future is always ideal. However, sometimes unexpected things happen to make this impossible. When someone dies without a will, they have died intestate. 

When this happens, the probate court follows the state’s laws regarding the inheritance of assets. Massachusetts General Laws outline the laws of intestacy. The result is that the deceased’s assets don’t necessarily go to the people they wanted. Your probate lawyer in Winchester can help ensure you’re taking the right steps throughout this process, taking the pressure off you and your family. 

Seek Out a Probate Lawyer Serving Winchester

Dealing with the grief of losing a loved one unexpectedly alongside the time and costs of probate can be overwhelming. Fortunately, help is available. 

Matthew Karr, Esq. and his team provide their skilled probate services in a very compassionate way. Connect with a probate lawyer serving Winchester at The Heritage Law Center. Get a free probate consultation by calling us at 617-299-6976 or completing our online form below to get in touch about our services and how our lawyer can help you.