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For seniors who want to stay prepared and protected as they age, estate planning is essential. With a thorough and strategic plan, you can protect your assets, maximize what you pass on to your loved ones, document your medical decisions should you become incapacitated, and plan to qualify for financial help to cover the hefty costs of senior care. At The Heritage Law Center, we work hard to ease the estate planning process for our senior clients. With Matthew Karr, Esq., guiding you with knowledge and compassion, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or anxious as you make arrangements for your later years. If you’re ready to connect with an elder law attorney serving Boston who cares about your future and knows how to help you secure it, reach out today for a free consultation.

Controlling Distribution of Assets for Boston Families

When you die, the items with value that you leave behind are your assets, including your bank accounts, cash, property, vehicles, and more. Many Boston residents have a loved one in mind to receive these items after they pass. When you develop an estate plan ahead of time, like a will or trust, your assets will be transferred according to your wishes. If a person passes away without a will or an estate plan in place, the allocation of their estate is handled by the probate court. When an individual dies with a will, the court validates the will based on guidelines, allows creditors to seek payment from the estate, and then distributes the decedent’s assets according to their documented requests. If an individual dies without a will or trust, probate court allocates their assets according to state laws instead. Without proper estate planning, your assets won’t be distributed according to your demands. Even with a will, the probate court can take a year or more to resolve each case, leaving your loved ones without access to the assets you’ve left them and less money, as probate court can be expensive. To better provide for your loved ones, connect with an elder law attorney today.

Do I Qualify for MassHealth?

The costs of long-term care can add up quickly. In Massachusetts, Boston residents spend approximately $150,000 per year on average for long-term care. Those costs would quickly deplete any savings you have and wouldn’t allow you to leave much to your loved ones. MassHealth Standard is a program that provides coverage for adults 65 and over for long-term care services. There are strict financial requirements to be approved for MassHealth, including how many assets you may have in your name. If you apply with assets beyond these limitations, you’ll be told you need to legally spend down your assets before you’ll be eligible. During the application process, MassHealth will review your financial records. If you’ve transferred a large sum of your assets within five years of applying, you’ll be disqualified from trying again for a set period. Qualifying for MassHealth requires strategic planning in advance. To secure this critical financial aid, it’s important to partner with an elder law lawyer serving the Boston area early so you can get your affairs in order so you’ll be positioned to qualify in case you need long-term care. For more information, we provide our free online report MassHealth Planning and Asset Protection.

Documents for Elder Law Needs

Many Boston residents who are facing elder law concerns may feel a bit overwhelmed by the paperwork required to get their affairs in order. Elder law is a complex field, and the documents you need can be just as complex. Speaking with an elder law attorney serving the Boston area can give you the guidance you need to put the right documents in place. Below is just a sample of what an elder law attorney like Matthew Karr, Esq., can help you with:
  • Creating a living will
  • Making a health care proxy
  • Preparing your will
  • Choosing and creating the right trusts for your estate
  • Completing the MassHealth application process
  • Establishing a durable power of attorney
  • Arranging a guardianship
If you have questions or concerns about any of these topics, among others, don’t leave your future to chance. Boston residents can rely on Matthew Karr, Esq., to provide the guidance they need.

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At The Heritage Law Center, we care about securing your future. Matthew Karr, Esq., has the expertise to help you with senior estate planning, like will and trust creation, health care planning, and qualifying for MassHealth coverage. We take a personalized approach to ensure we build the best estate plan for every client based on their personal needs and goals. Stay proactive, protected, and prepared with the aid of an experienced Boston elder law attorney. Call us at 617-299-6976 or fill in our online form below today for a consultation about your next steps.